The Yellow Rake 15 Year Anniversary Party

The Yellow Rake 15 Year Anniversary Party

SPELLS, BlackDots, Muscle Beach, Joy Subtraction

Sat, August 10, 2019

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

The Yellow Rake 15 Year Anniversary Party
The Yellow Rake 15 Year Anniversary Party
Celebrating 15 years of The Yellow Rake with live performances by Spells, Four!, Muscle Beach, and Joy Subtraction at Hi-Dive.
SPELLS is a five-piece rock juggernaut from Denver, CO. They are vacation rock to be exact. They produce short

blasts of intense melody and driving rhythms that are custom made to entertain the band members athemselves and

serve as an excuse to go play shows in cities that have beaches nearby. If your city’s best offers include said beach

and a good breakfast joint, count them in. If the best your city can do is a punk house that smells like cat shit and a

Subway restaurant inside a gas station, they will pass.

SPELLS is signed to Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings, which is now on the cusp of being a

household name the world over. Focused on excellence in music and packaging, SLN is dedicated to the fine art of

the analog format, especially vinyl (but maybe a cassette on occasion). Take Time/Slice Away”, their debut 7”, was a

runaway hit. “Double Cassingle” is the band’s follow up effort and contains four sure-fire hits that are guaranteed* to

distract you from the worst 10 minutes of your day and probably turn them into the best 10 minutes of your day.

*The band makes no guarantees but thinks this scenario is realistic considering their immense artistic vision and talent
When a baby’s born, I can’t help but think about the parents. Are they ready? Do they know what they’re getting into? Is that kid sorta fucked or sorta blessed? Same goes with bands where you already know their genealogy before the needle hits the groove. April Froschheuser was/is in Vena Cava. John was in The Achievement: two so-honest-it-aches bands that I’ve spent weeks-worth of spins listening to over the years. Black Dots sounds like a wise democracy that’s figured out its infrastructure before putting up flashing signage. Three principle songwriters. Two principle singers—vacillating between Florida ex-pat Wade and John—topically ranging from teenage depression-cutting to “the journey vs. the top of the mountain” headspace of an isolated band playing in Denver. In the background, on the blacktop in the distance, I hear Rumbleseat, Tim Version, long drives to find sympathetic souls, and small, semi-hidden tattoos being way more meaningful than sleeves of brightly-colored ink. Like little black dots. Worth seeking out. –Todd Taylor, Razorcake
Muscle Beach
Muscle Beach
Heavy Viking Bar Rock Meets Mad Max Highway Noise Punk?
Joy Subtraction
Joy Subtraction
The subtraction of joy. It’s not a new concept—individuals and organizations have been engaging in it for as long as there have been individuals and organizations. Some notable practitioners include the U.S. Congress, girlfriends and wives, Mel Gibson, anyone who thinks Ayn Rand had good ideas, Jonathan Franzen, Nazis, Gwen Stefani, every chamber of commerce, and Ted Nugent. But there is an entity that has made the practice a fine art, elevated it to a level higher than Mount Olympus. Because it’s one thing to subtract joy—anyone can do that. But that is merely one tine of a forked tongue. That’s just nihilism. There’s no greater purpose being served. The trick is to subtract the joy of others while maximizing one’s own pleasure. That’s when Joy Subtraction can become art.

It didn’t start out that way. The band had noble intentions. “It began as a vehicle to transmit the plight of the oppressed, a sort of electric clarion call, if you will,” says one of the members. “But then my wife got this killer corporate gig as an attorney, so now we find that our interests often conflict with those of the oppressed. It’s really hard for us. On the one hand, you want to care, but, on the other, you don’t want to lose any money. So I’m still finding my artistic voice. This country has been so bad to so many people, but it’s been so good to me and my family that I’m tending to look the other way. We’ll see what shakes out.” Of course, what started as looking the other way inevitably became the active dismaying of those around him, and that ethos soon became the modus operandi of the entire band.

Regarding the music, Joy Subtraction sounds like whatever you hate; whatever makes you feel ugly and insecure; whatever garnishes your wages. Do you like Radiohead? Joy Subtraction sounds like the exact opposite of Radiohead. Do you hate Black Flag, Burning Brides, NoMeansNo, Future of the Left, and The Beatles? Good—because Joy Subtraction kind of sounds like all of those bands rolled into one. Except way better.

Regarding your feelings, ha ha ha ha ha. Do you want things to work out for humankind? Joy Subtraction is here to tell you they won’t. Do you like good times and great oldies? Joy Subtraction likes the day the music died. Do you think Jesus wants you to be rich and successful, white and thin? JS is here to tell you he doesn’t. He wants you to be killed and eaten by poor people.

Do you want math with your metal? Steam with your punk? Psycho with your billy? Stoner with your rock? Art with your house? Hip with your hop? Power with your pop? Alt with your country? Hard with your core? Shoe with your gazing? Well, piss off—you’ll get whatever gruel JS decides to sling your way. Lap it up, lapdog.

Do you think glittering prizes and endless compromises shatter the illusion of integrity? Of course you don’t—you’re American. Well, so is Joy Subtraction. That and greed are the only things you both have in common. But it’s enough, isn’t it? So break out your mom’s wallet and buy their music. Do it for capitalism. Do it for American especialism. Do it before your mom loses her job. Do it before we all go up in flames. Because, as Joy Subtraction will be the first to tell you, the firestorm’s coming. It’s on its way now. Feel the heat? You will.
Venue Information:
7 S. Broadway
Denver, CO, 80209