Natural Violence, American Culture, Law of the Night, DJs El Brian and Young Kev

Tue, September 25, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm


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This event is 21 and over

FRIGS is a Toronto-based four-piece made up of Bria, Duncan, Lucas, and Edan. The band pairs the raw, emotional grunge of PJ Harvey with the immersive, psychedelic post-punk of early Sonic Youth. With each member bringing a unique set of influences, FRIGS creates a sound that is hard to pin down and an impression that’s unshakable.

Record Label: Arts & Crafts
Affiliation: Heretical Objects Co-Operative
Natural Violence
American Culture
American Culture
Music for introverts. Heartswelling bubblegum hooks & punk anthems to roll yr windows down to on the way to the mall/roller rink.
Self described, *Music for Introverts*. We call them *Introverted Punks*.

Anthemic and noisy. Pop racket. American Culture is the music that we all grew up with as American wasteland kids. Music that got into our blood during those fragile and formative years. The soundtracks to when we first tried drugs, cut class, had sex, became who we are. When ever that may have been.

They come from the desert near four corners (where Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico meet.) They really like Guided By Voices, Jesus and Mary Chain and Dinosaur Jr. And also powerpop bands like The Soft Boys, The Shoes and The Records. They don’t really want the world to know who they are personally. Just as a band. Just the music.

American Culture can be seen live in various warehouses and punk spaces through out the desert west.
Venue Information:
7 S. Broadway
Denver, CO, 80209