The Host Club Album Release

The Host Club Album Release

The Solid Ocean, Tana Victoria

Thu, February 1, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm


This event is 21 and over

The Host Club
The Host Club
The Host Club has been working tirelessly writing, performing, and recording their work. As every song is an original, The Host Club's music, provides listeners a chance to hear the unguarded words and experiences of the band. The vulnerability in the lyrics is honest, relatable, and insightful. The natural musical talent each band member brings fuses together to create a unique and memorable sound that is distinctly The Host Club. The Host Club have been featured on several syndicated radio programs and local stages in the Denver Metro area. Some of the highlights include: Alice 105.9, KTCL Modern Rock 93.3 and KBCO 97.3 Lead by the melodic voice of Aaron Elrod, the band has worked tirelessly at creating memorable, impacting music.
The Solid Ocean
The Solid Ocean
The Solid Ocean is a power pop band from Denver, Colorado. At the surface, the name of the band represents the view of the Rocky Mountains while looking down from the sky, but when you begin to peel back the different layers, the name itself reflects an emotional shift in the lives of each of it's members.

The Solid Ocean began as an unnamed project during the high school years of Joey Lowery (vocals, guitar), as an outlet for dealing with depression and emotional struggles. As Joey transitioned into college, he decided that he wanted to share the music he poured his heart and soul into with others. Through a mutual friendship, he was introduced to Christian Garcia (drums, vocals), where they first played together in a cover-band show.

In the following summer of 2014, Lowery and Garcia came together and formed The Solid Ocean with other mutual friends who attended their same university. Lowery came to the band with some material he worked on in high school, which included the tracks from the band's first extended play, "Close Your Eyes". These tracks defined the original sound of the band.

After a few introductory shows opening for their friends in other local bands, Lowery and Garcia were introduced to Bailey Sutton (guitar). Initially, the band was looking for a bassist, so Sutton came aboard to fill that void, but after a few more shows in the Denver area, and listening to Sutton play the guitar, the band decided to move him to lead guitar. In the spring of 2016, Nathan Johnson (keys, synth) came aboard after playing a number of shows with the group. Jack Weakly was added to the lineup on bass guitar after playing a number of shows with the band in early 2017.

In the time since then, The Solid Ocean has relentlessly pursued the art of performing and producing quality music that invokes a strong emotional appeal on both ends of the spectrum. They recorded their first extended play, "Close Your Eyes" in Joey's hometown of Tuscon, Arizona, and followed that up immediately by headlining a sold-out show at 191 Toole for over 200 people. In addition, the band has been making some noise, both literally and figuratively, in the quickly-growing Denver music scene. They have been interviewed by AXS Denver in their monthly segment "Get to know a Denver band" ( along with opening for touring acts such as Colony House, Coasts, Knox Hamilton, Strange Talk, Intergalatix, Maudlin Strangers, and Grayshot.

As their music explores the concepts of love, identity, happiness, and acceptance, The Solid Ocean moniker is not only representative of the beautiful Rocky Mountains the band calls home, but also the importance of having a strong foundation amidst the chaos of everyday life. As the band continues to write and produce emotionally mature music, they not only grow as a group, but as individuals trying to make their way through life as young adults in a crazy world.
Tana Victoria
Tana Victoria
Tana Victoria is a singer, songwriter and indie-electronic artist from Golden, Colorado.

Drawing melodic influence from artists like Radiohead, Air and Depeche Mode, Victoria’s eclectic sound has a dark, emotive color, honest and expressive lyrics. Supported by a foundation of classical music training from Lake Forest College (where she was awarded the Reid Vocal Scholarship) her luminous soprano voice dances with moody rhythms, progressions and atmospheric synths.

Having performed local circuits in both Colorado and Illinois, Victoria was selected to the Underground Music Showcase in Denver in both 2015 and 2016. Following several self-released EPs, Tana Victoria is set to release her first professionally produced album, Temporary, early 2017.
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7 S. Broadway
Denver, CO, 80209