Made Violent

Made Violent

Ugly Sun, Fast Eddy

Sun, December 17, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm


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Made Violent
Made Violent
For years, the the trio that makes up Made Violent – Joseph White (bass/vocals), Rob Romano (guitar) and Justin Acee (drums) - had not only been best friends, they’d been almost inseparable. “One of them would buy me a Four Loko and I’d sit on a couch in their practice space and watch them play,” says White. “Then I’d go to high school in the morning. I told them I was 19.”

The three secluded themselves in a cabin to make music with no aspirations, no five-year plan. The band casually released “Wasted Days” online, a song Acee says is "about losing everything.” To their surprise, “Wasted Days” would catch the attention of UK heavyweight NME Magazine. Not long after, the band would find a home at Columbia Records’ tastemaker imprint, Startime International.

Through Startime, the trio released their virgin EP; a short-and-sweet self-titled EP full of subtle nods to their rock and roll forefathers from America and across the pond. The songs go from sweet to salty on a dime. White abandons the drawl he delivers in “Wasted Days” for a snotty tone on “Inside Out,” a seemingly Adderall-laced song about “being tired of someone’s shit.” Minutes later, the band picks up where “Wasted Days” leaves off with the bright and shiny “On My Own,” in which White’s vocals are nearly reminiscent of a hip-hop verse.

Since then Made Violent has made their debut appearance at SXSW, toured with the likes of Frank Turner, Wolf Alice, From Indian Lakes, and The Struts, and are now looking forward to releasing their next batch of songs, recorded with the infamous Dennis Herring (The Hives, ‪Modest Mouse, ‪Elvis Costello). “We can’t wait to hop in our van and drive across the country to play for anyone and everyone,” Romano quips. “Two things really matter to us – making as much good music as we can, and touring as much as we can. We never want to stop doing this.”
Ugly Sun
Ugly Sun
Ugly Sun has an affinity for the unbeautiful. Hailing from Buffalo, NY the band has used their steel city edge to bridge the gap between garage punk and emotive indie. The trio's name succinctly explains the band’s general beliefs in rock and roll. "Rock and Roll has become so shiny" explains front-man/bassist John Crook. "It used to be about the underbelly, the dark parts of society; the dirty parts" he continues, "we want to make Rock and Roll ugly again".

Ugly Sun’s latest release the “Painted Post” EP sees them continuing to explore and expand their intentions. Bright driving songs like "Keep Me Safe” and "Soil" feel familiar yet feature an undercurrent of beauty and sadness while sticking to their Punk Rock credo. Darker more complex songs like "Contagious" and opening track "Marble Eye” point to the extreme places their emotions take them creatively.

"We feel like we have found our voices through these songs" guitarist Trey Hollowood says proudly. “They feel comfortable and worn and exciting at the same time.” The band is also excited to show off the songs on the road. They have spent a considerable part of their first year together touring and aren’t slowing down anytime soon. “The goal is to play as much as possible, in front of as many people as we can,” says Crook, “[playing live] is the biggest reason we do this and we can’t wait to play this record.”

"The songs on this record have definitely shifted our focus a bit, we definitely know where we’re going from here” drummer Harrison Crook says. Crook spent the better part of the past five years studying songwriting at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where he found himself questioning authority. He ended up leaving the school citing too much artistic restriction. Though he fought for artistic freedom he also serves as the band’s most-level head. "He's definitely the band’s pop sensibility" jokes his brother John "he reins us in a lot".

Ugly Sun sees 2017 as a chance to define themselves and they’re not wasting any time. The “Painted Post” EP due out in the spring will be followed immediately by writing their debut full-length record. "We have been writing and touring pretty aggressively. We have so much pent up energy and we’re spending it all on this project” Crook says. The band shows no signs of taking their foot off the gas. "Songs are really starting to pour out of us, we continue to push the boundaries and it’s fun to see where we end up". As long as Ugly Sun continues to push boundaries and challenge the status quo, they’re sure to keep us guessing.
Fast Eddy
Fast Eddy
Fast Eddy, simply providing fast, hard hitting, classic rock n' roll.
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