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Lola Rising, Jen Korte (Solo Set)

Thu, November 2, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

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EDISON - singer/guitarist Sarah Slaton, multi-instrumentalist, Dustin Morris, and Grammy-nominated guitarist, Maxwell Hughes (formerly of The Lumineers) - is an indie rock trio from Colorado which has quickly emerged as a musical force. Although they've only been a band since late 2014, they've already built a substantial national fan base thanks to their high-energy live shows and tireless touring efforts. In addition to countless club gigs, they've earned attention at such music industry conferences as SXSW, CMJ Music Marathon and Folk Alliance International. "We've been on the road nonstop for over a year", Slaton notes. "We didn't have a lot of releases out there so we decided to hit the road and meet as many people as we could and foster those relationships." That strategy worked, winning the band a devoted national audience as well as support slots with the likes of Iron & Wine, Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness, Langhorne Slim and Nathaniel Rateliff & The Nightsweats. Edison released their debut LP "Familiar Spirit" (09-16-16) after signing with Rhyme & Reason Records.

"Though it’s a proper studio release, the nine-track effort in a way captures exactly what the band’s been doing the last 12 months: bringing music to life." - Consequence of Sound
Lola Rising
Lola Rising
Lola Rising is a Colorado-based Indie Folk Island Rock Band comprising of Denver natives Paul Medina Guevara (lead vocals, guitar, ukulele), Woody Roberts (bass guitar, keys, vocals), Kevin Eady (electric guitar, vocals, ukulele), Matt Fink (drums, vocals, percussion), Sarah Joelle Hoffenberg (vocals, keys and percussion), and Joe Z (trumpet).

Inspired from a song Paul once wrote about the passing of his `Lola` (means Grandmother in Filipino), coupled with `Rising` evokes images of spirituality and embraces the human condition. Their dance-able rhythms, honest poetry, and smooth melodic multi-part harmonies makes their music familiar, fun, accessible, vivid, and thought-provoking.

In late 2013, Paul returned from an eight year stint in Japan and joined forces with life-long friends Kevin, Woody (formerly played in the Denver-based reggae/rock band Optimal Frequency), Matt (formerly of the Flash Mob), Sarah (trained Jazz vocalist), and Joe Z (also of Zagriculture).

From the depths of musty parking garages & gangsters in the Tokyo underworld; to fly-fishing the Animas River & crossing the Great Divide, everything inspires us; Lola is on the Rise.
Jen Korte (Solo Set)
Jen Korte (Solo Set)
Someone has said that if “ Nick Drake and Janis Joplin had a love child, Jen Korte would be it.” Known for her strong lyrics and powerful delivery, her voice has been the master instrument in defining what her music is as well as her dynamically layered guitar playing. Teaming up with “golden throated” Jessica DeNicola, the two have created a pair of songbirds that leave their audience swirling in their harmonies and wanting more.
“Jen Korte is not a thousand feet tall, but her voice makes you believe that she is. From the moment the air leaves her lungs … her powerful, alluring voice places you out of your mind and into a raw, unveiling of the truth behind her lyrics.” Dave Preston, Colorado Music Buzz
Their debut album release Jen Korte and The Loss
( September 2009) was rated one of the top albums of 2009 by the Denver Westword and has been met with overwhelming praise across the board. Korte’s weathered, world-weary voice (reminiscent of Rachael Yamagata and Lucinda Williams), harmonies from Jessica DeNicola, and the band’s evocative use of instrumentation create a late-night, listen-by-yourself album that does not neatly fit into any genre. As Korte describes it, “a little bit of make-out music, a little bit of crying music, and a little bit of rock.”
“Throughout her debut, particularly on cuts like “Fleeting Love,” Jen Korte’s voice drips with seduction, longing, saddness and regret. With admirable depth, she also displays unyielding resolve in the face of her inherent vulnerabilities. A talented cast of players, add welcomed texture to Korte’s otherwise sparse compositions, making her first outting one to remember.” – Denver Westwords Best albums of 2009
“… it’s a work of sheer beauty that utterly consumed us the first time we heard it.” Dave Herrera, Denver Westword
“An unbelievable record. It’s brilliant.” Jake Schroeder, KQMT Radio, The Mountain Homegrown.
Recent media coverage for Korte has included a cover story in OutFront Colorado(September 2009) and a 1500-word feature in the Denver Westword(September 2009).

"It has taken us over a year to get it right. The first time around, we did it in the very customary way of tracking the drums and bass first and then trying to add everything. I just could not connect with it as a whole at all. It was a very different record than the one we are putting out. I decided to scrap most of it and start over. The second time around, we played almost the entire thing in two or three sessions live."

Korte is a musical late-comer. Growing up an hour from Austin, Korte spent a lot of time there checking out the music scene, but her background was theater. "And, aside from being a dramatic child (in every sense of the word), I wrote poetry. Went to a ton of poetry reading clubs from around twelve on. I had a few published when I was very young. Did slams in Austin."

Her first real music experience was in college. She took a course called, "Rock Band Ensemble." "They put me in the lead singer spot in the beginners band. It was totally humiliating and great at the same time."

She played a bit in Austin as part of a "loud rock trio," came to Denver for a couple of months, and decided to stay. She started with local open mics. "I did the usual circuit: Mead Street, the Merc, etc. Someone saw me and asked me to play LILT (an all-women-fronted festival they were having a few years ago). From there, I met more people and played a lot more."

But she didn't find her musical style ("someone said I sound like Janis Joplin and Nick Drake's love child") until teaming up with her current band. "I had to strip down and start over. In one month, I wrote half of the material on here. I just hit a point and it started spewing out of me." What also helped was finding the right players. "Then I felt like I could put the movement into the songs because I had the instruments to back me."
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