Nekrofilth, Weaponizer, Skeid

Sun, September 17, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm


Off Sale

This event is 21 and over

We are band that play Metal as close to the glorious early 80's years with no compromises, just pure Metal without nowadays trends or mixes.

2015: fourth full length "Trap The Witch" by Dirty Sound Records in Colombia.
2015: V/A tribute to Venom comp. (vinyl) “SUMMONING THE HOUNDS OF HELL” by Undercover Records in Germany.
2014: Split vinyl 7” single Witchtrap/Nunslaughter splattered and picture disc by Hells Headbangers Records in USA
2014: Special Issue “20 Years Making Metal ”No Anesthesia” deluxe box, by Hell Attacks Prods in Colombia.
2013: Tape issue Ep “Dark Millennium”, 20 years making Metal by Dying Victims Prod in Germany.
2013: Ep Cd "Dark Millennium", 20 years making Metal by Dirty Sound Records in Colombia.
2013: V/A tape “30 YEARS OF WAR FIGHT SWEAT AND BLOOD” by Ultrametal prods in Colombia.
2012: re-issue tape “VENGEANCE IS MY NAME” by Old Goat Corpse prods in Malaysia.
2012: third full length "Vengeance Is My Name" by Dirty Sound Records in Colombia and Hells Heabangers Records in USA.
2012: Signed with the North American Label “Hells Headbangers Records” for 7 years and the possibility extension of it.
2011: tribute a Masacre Comp. (cd) “MASACRANDO EL IMPERIO DEL TERROR” BY Demunion Records in USA.
2011: re-issue vinyl 12"+3 cover songs "NIGHTMARES OF THE DEAD"(licensed by HHR on normal & splatter vinyl) in USA.
2011: re-isuue tape "NIGHTMARES OF THE DEAD" by Metal Squad Records in Argentina.
2009: re-issue digipack deluxe cd+keychain "SORCERESS BITCH" by Hell Attacks Prod. In Colombia
2009: split single 7" [version vinyl, WITCHTRAP (col)/REVENGE (gre)] "HOLOCAUST" by Alucard Records in Greece.
2009: V/A tribute to Running Wild comp. (cd) "REUNATION" by Remedy Records in Germany.
2008: split 3 bands (cd) "UNITED IN ANNIHILATION" by Ground Zero Entertainment in USA.
2007: re-issue (tape) "SORCERESS BITCH" by Hell Attacks Prods in Colombia.
2007: single (Mcd) "NIGHTMARES OF THE DEAD" by Dirty Sound Records in Colombia.
2006: re-issue debut Ep (vinyl, die hard, picture disc and cd) "WITCHING METAL" by HHR in USA
2006: license "NO ANESTHESIA" licensed by Hells Headbangers Records on vinyl, die hard, picture disc and cd) in USA.
2006: second full-length (cd) "NO ANESTHESIA" by Dirty Sound Records in Colombia.
2005: re-issue (both demos on cd) "THE FIRST NECROMANCY & TURN IN YOUR GRAVES" Obliterations Records in Japan.
2005: re-issue (version picture disc + bonus track) "SORCERESS BITCH" by Utterly Somber Creations in USA.
2005: re-issue (cd) "WITCHING METAL" by Dirty Sound Records in Colombia.
2004: V/A (tape) "ATAQUE DEMONIACO vol. 1" by Dark Desires Prod in Colombia.
2004: re-issue (vinyl) "SORCERESS BITCH" by Ordealis Records in France.
2004: split 4 bands 7" vinyl "THRASH METAL BLITZKRIEG vol II" by Deathstrike Records/Iron Bonehead Prod in Germany.
2003: Edison "ENFORCER" joins to the band
2002: Alexander Garcia “DARKMOON” leaves the band
2002: first full-length (cd) "SORCERESS BITCH" by Hell Attacks Productions in Colombia.
2000: debut Mlp (vinyl) "WITCHING METAL" by Nnyda Prods/Malignant Records/Dirty Sound Records in Colombia.
1998: V/A (tape) The Black Moon comp. Vol. I "TO MEET THE STORM" by Black Moon Prods in Colombia.
1998: second demo (tape) "TUNR IN YOUR GRAVES" never released.
1997: first demo (tape) "THE FIRST NECORMANCY" by Dirty Sound Records in Colombia.
1993: change of name to "WITCHTRAP" and musical style to Thrash Metal.
1992: birth year under the name "DARK MILLENNIUM" playing Death Metal.
American death metal band with punk influences from Cleveland, Ohio. Now based in Denver, CO. Formed in 2008.
SKEIÐ (Denver, CO) is exactly like the barbarians of old, except they unexpectedly invade venues instead of idyllic pastures, and unleash a barrage of riffs and guitar solos in lieu of burning down villages and decapitating the populace. Formed in 2015, SKEIÐ is a collaboration of Nauseating Whiff Records's most popular bands and thus features a wide range of songwriting styles and instrumentation oriented towards energetic and exciting shows. Now they have arrived at your shores, demanding you raise a glass of ale before the pummeling barrage of blast beats, doom metal interludes, counterpoint guitar melodies, and unhinged group vocals.
Venue Information:
7 S. Broadway
Denver, CO, 80209