Mr. Elevator

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Mr. Elevator

L.A. Witch, the Savage Blush

Wed, May 3, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

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Mr. Elevator
Mr. Elevator
Mr. Elevator – formed in Southern California in 2012 by Thomas Dolas and Justin Martinez (and their mutual love of Donovan) – eschews guitars for vintage synthesizers, organs, and electric pianos, distinguishing themselves within the fuzzy, distorted contemporary Psych-Pop scene.
Today on Brooklyn Vegan, Mr. Elevator shares the first track and video "Sunshine Daydream" from their upcoming album. ”When the Morning Greets You,” is scheduled for release in February 10, 2017, on Rad Cat Records.
Under the original name Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel, the band began playing shows as a three-piece with bassist Wyatt Blair, and a short-while later, in 2013, relocated to Los Angeles where they released their first album, 'Nico & her Psychedelic Subconscious,' with Burger Records.
After a few years of live shows, perfecting their sound alongside acts like Thee Oh Sees, The Fresh & Onlys, The Black Lips, Allah-Las, and more, Mr. Elevator recently completed their second album, 'When the Morning Greets You'.
On 'When the Morning Greets You,' the bands’ love for vintage keyboard sounds, concept albums, and 70s pop remains intact, furnishing an album that entrances listeners and evolves over the course of its run-time into an array of bright, complex patterns and shapes. The upbeat, colorful pop feel of Side A, for example, is slowly engulfed in the lush, synth-heavy soundscape of Side B (pointing in at least two distinct directions in regards to the sound of the next album).
With the addition of a fourth member to the performing band, Mr. Elevator will be supporting the release of 'When the Morning Greets You' with national and international live dates.
L.A. Witch
L.A. Witch
It’s easy to forget that just a few decades ago, the only viable means for penetrating the golden glamour of Los Angeles was via the dusty trail of Route 66. And just as the arteries of the interstate latched onto the thumping heart of California, so too came the amplified sounds of a new restless generation. There was acid on the streets and revolution in the air, but there were also Hell’s Angels in the alleys and Manson’s family on the desert periphery. It was an age of innocence, beauty, and opportunity, with an underbelly of lawlessness and depravity. And it had a soundtrack.

It’s impossible to listen to L.A. Witch and not hear echoes of that time. The sound of dusty neon and the first dim-lit bars of Sunset ring out with every reverb-drenched note. The juxtaposition of Hollywood allure and Skid Row desperation throbs in every three-chord riff. And the perilous wager of temptation lies in every sultry vocal melody. Yes, L.A. is the land of sunshine, but it also harbors a certain kind of dangerous magic. And no one seems to understand that more clearly than the three women of L.A. Witch. Whether they’re conjuring the downtrodden cowpunk of The Gun Club, the seedy metropolitan balladry of Velvet Underground, or the beefed-up blues of Black Sabbath, L.A. Witch remind us of that exhilarating revelation that a city can elevate you just as quickly as it can grind you into the dirt.

Given the beguiling nature of their music, it’s hardly surprising that L.A. Witch’s recent Brian 7” on Greenway Records in nearly out-of-print. While their vinyl offerings are all on their way to becoming collectors items, some solace can be found in knowing that a reworked version of “Brian” will appear on their debut album later in 2017 courtesy of their new label home at Suicide Squeeze Records. In the meantime, European audiences should keep an eye out for L.A. Witch on their UK/EU tour in February and March.
the Savage Blush
the Savage Blush
The Savage Blush is a rock and roll band hailing from Colorado. A dirty reverberated mix of Garage, Surf, and Psychedelic elements. Imagine Link Wray, Grace Slick, The Seeds, and Billy Childish making some strange musical baby in a basement bathtub.

Rebecca Williams says of the album;
"It was a a very hazy, delirious process. I want that to come through in the recordings and writing. A very honest, heartfelt, raw expression of my thoughts and feeling of the time. The album name means "four before meridian". Latin for four a.m, which is around the time most of the album was written. I was like a crazy person writing all of the time. I was running on little to no sleep, not really seeing people, going to bed when the sun was rising and up again a couple of hours later because I couldn't shut off what was going on inside of my head. Waking with the song I was working on before I went to sleep playing over and over in my head. I wanted this feeling to manifest itself in this album."
Venue Information:
7 S. Broadway
Denver, CO, 80209