J&L Defer

J&L Defer

Clarke and the Himselfs, Bark Wilson

Wed, April 19, 2017

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


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J&L Defer
J&L Defer
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Clarke and the Himselfs
Clarke and the Himselfs
Clarke and the Himselfs is the sonically extended portion of Clarke Aleksandr Howell. What originally began with multi-track records, transmographied into the full band it is today, with Howell using the drums, guitar, his voice, creating catchy, dark, powerful sounds that are supported ultimately by the gravity of the songs themselves.
The Himselfs are regularly on the road and have extensively toured the South, Midwest, and East Coast. Clarke and the Himselfs opened for Built to Spill on two different, month long, North American tours. He has played with the likes of Colleen Green, No Bunny, Paleo, Sad Horse, La Luz, Naomi Punk and Many More.
Their latest release, The Well-Rounded Clarke and the Himselfs is the cumulative LP debut from Clarke and the Himselfs. Recorded in Portland, Oregon on half inch tape at Fluff and Gravy in early spring of 2014. Engineered and mixed by David Strackany (Paleo). Mastered by Mell Dettmer (Sunn O))), Boris, Earth). It is being released under Scavenger Cult, the label of Brett Netson (Caustic Resin, Built to Spill) Featuring brand new cuts as well as re-done classics, all recorded, mixed, and mastered to audiophile quality.

Songs like "Asteroid" and "Toxic World" are infectious, fuzzed-out earworms that are sure to get trapped in your head for days. - Chipp Terwilliger/Portland Mercury

"..Clarke Howell’s not simply working a stripped aesthetic, he’s a single player going for a full sound. Unlike most one-man bands who play drums with just their feet, one of his hands handles both guitar and stick on a practically full drum kit. Drape all that with the kind of gorgeously groaning guitar effects that Pink Mountaintops used to specialize in and a weird trilling vocal effect and you’ve got an impressively lush solo act. Perhaps most importantly though, the actual quality of his songs proves he’s more than just some novelty act." Bao Le-Huu/Orlando Weekly

"Clarke Howell is a singular cavalcade, a one-man parade of infectious, deliciously doomy songs. The Boise-based artist—who performs as Clarke and the Himselfs—has just come out with his first full-length LP, The Well Rounded Clarke and the Himselfs, a catchy anthology of new songs and reimagined tunes from cassette releases, including high points "Suicide Girl" and "Toxic World." Recorded at Portland's Fluff and Gravy studio, the album finds its cohesion in straightforward, no-frills mixes, allowing simple instrumental accents and Howell's distinctive voice to shine. His vocal trill effect creates an interesting vibe in his creamy and confident baritone, reminiscent of what the National's Matt Berninger might sound like if he were lead singer of Built to Spill. Howell's songs do not take themselves too seriously, taking severed relationships and the mire of the world, then applying them to beachy anthems that will stick in your head long after they've ended." JWS/Portland Mercury
Bark Wilson
Bark Wilson
Slammin' jams for dock walks and mucky water. Lake music by Nate Wilson (grand piano), Chris Peters (cigar box), and Jamie Cotton (bathtub), Drew Byrne (spoons). ~These beats will make you sweat~
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7 S. Broadway
Denver, CO, 80209