Charly Bliss

Soda Jerk Presents

Charly Bliss

See Through Dresses, Blue Lane Frontier

Tue, May 2, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is 18 and over

Charly Bliss
Charly Bliss
Brooklyn bubble-grunge four-piece Charly Bliss combine irrepressible pop sensibility with raw, punchy guitars. Eva Hendricks, the band's charismatic singer jumps and kicks her way around the stage "as though she were the result of a laboratory fusion of Eddie Vedder and a punk-rock cheerleader" (The A.V. Club). The band's songs have infectious, powerful melodies, displaying a supernatural knack for pop hooks.
Eva and guitarist/vocalist Spencer Fox met at NYC's Webster Hall when they were 15, and soon began writing songs together over AOL Instant Messenger. They were later joined by drummer Sam Hendricks (Eva's older brother) and bassist Dan Shure, and went on to release a three-song EP called Soft Serve along with an accompanying video and comic book trilogy.
The band turns heads everywhere they go and have spent the past year refining their live show on the road opening for Veruca Salt, Sleater-Kinney, Tokyo Police Club, Glass Animals, and Darwin Deez. Watching the band's infectious, fun-packed show is "like ripping off the wrapping of a present on Christmas Day" (Pancakes and Whiskey). Simply put: Charly Bliss is "one of those bands where you either like them or you're wrong" (Upset Magazine).
See Through Dresses
See Through Dresses
Sometimes, the second record is harder than the first. With 2013's self-titled LP established as a local favorite, temptation to just replicate it must be strong, especially after almost two years of touring North America and Europe on such a well-crafted debut; if Omaha-based post punk four-piece See Through Dresses let up now, you could hardly blame them.

Instead, their new EP End of Days, their first release on new label Tiny Engines, pushes the boundaries of their sound in every way. Drummer Nate Van Fleet is as solid as ever, and new bassist Alex Kirts integrated himself without a hitch, but the appeal here lies in the tense songwriting chemistry of guitarists / vocalists Sara Bertuldo and Mathew Carroll. Carroll's offerings on End of Days are open-hearted bangers that call to mind Yuck; Bertuldo's songs feel designed to catch the listener off-guard, with abrasive chord progressions, sudden tempo changes, and frequently off-the-wall lyrics. The result is a diverse but musically tight blend of punk, shoegaze, and emo influences across six new songs.

The push and pull of two talented musicians will never get old. Listeners can only hope Carroll's heartfelt enthusiasm will keep clashing with Bertuldo's melancholy drive for as long as possible.

End of Days is due out in the fall of 2015. It was self-recorded in Omaha, Nebraska by Carroll and Bertuldo, mixed by Ben Brodin (Pile, The Good Life, Simon Joyner) at ARC Studios in Omaha, and mastered by Mike Nolte.
Blue Lane Frontier
Blue Lane Frontier
Blue Lane Frontier plays camp counselor jams in basements while wearing cozy sweaters, and is quite fond of sending handwritten postcards to the people we love. Here's our story.

Jackson will be at a record store and reaches for the same record as a girl with purple hair. They will brush hands accidentally in the process, instantly falling in love. Since she is real hip, and all the good underground synth pop is in Portland, that is where she and Jackson move after dating for a while. Devastated, Jake and Emily remain in Fort Collins for the rest of the year, then decide to move in with Jake's cousin in New York, where they make copious amounts of sad boy music in their bedrooms and take the train into the city every now and then for grilled cheese. In a fit of newfound pretentiousness Jackson will cease to keep in touch with any friends who are not extremely well versed in synth pop (he also has a stupid haircut that mostly covers his eyes). Meanwhile, Emily and Jake sing super angsty songs and wear sweaters often. After a few years of this, Em and Jake move back to Colorado, and soon after finally hear from Jackson. His stylish synth pop wife will have dumped him for a Dutch sheik metal keytarist, and in the shocking upheaval of the breakup, Jackson will realize he has not been living the life he hoped for. Therefore, he gets the zebra stripe dye washed out of his hair and trades in his leather thong for some comfy and familiar boxer briefs, then returns to his friends in Colorado. Thus, Blue Lane Frontier is whole again. They drink chocolate milk shakes and hang out in diners, feeling alright to be alive, unafraid because they have each other. And vintage furniture.
Venue Information:
7 S. Broadway
Denver, CO, 80209