POSTPONED/DATE CANCELED - Nick Shoulders/Rocky Mt Contraband/Sugar Britches

Nick Shoulders & The Okay Crawdad

The Rocky Mountain Contraband, Sugar Britches

Ages 21+
Nick Shoulders & The Okay Crawdad live and in person at Hi-Dive w/ The Rocky Mountain Contraband & Sugar Britches.


Here to put the "Try" in country, Nick Shoulders and the gang bring you 'Okay, Crawdad.", the fledgling full length record by the New Orleans based ethereal honky tonkers. Wielding a warbling high yodel and whistle crafted from a lifetime chasing lizards through the Ozark hills, Nick combines his family's deep ties to southern traditional music with years singing to empty street corners to create this hybridized form of raucous country music: born of some dark holler and bred to be sweated out and stomped into the New Orleans dancefloors it now calls home. A cry out against the withering void of listless Americana, 'Okay, Crawdad.' is a two-step laden dose of indignation, loss and profound elation; inspired as much by the chaos and decadence of south Louisiana as it is the rural sounds of yesteryear from which it sprang. Embracing the mania of the podunk zeitgeist while seeking to enfranchise those without a voice, we hope you're as Okay as we are.


Hailing from Denver, CO, Andy Hamilton sings honest country songs from the heart, combined with some of the best musicians in country music to make up the Rocky Mountain Contraband.


Sugar Britches are the dynamic duo of Brian Johanson & Josh Long, singing high-brow honky-tonk w/ eclectic guitar & clever lyrics.

Venue Information:
7 South Broadway
Denver, CO, 80209