Hi-Dive's 16th (& 7th) Birthday Party!

Hi-Dive's 16th (& 7th) Birthday Party!

Ages 21+
'Til death do us party.


WOBBLES (the only skate punk band in Denver that skates while they play.)

GEORGE CESSNA (full band! They rule! George rules! His voice sounds kinda like Slim Cessna, but he looks younger.)

RATTLESNAKE MILK (is from Austin, Texas. You're going to like them.)

ZEBROIDS (you will probably have a chance to do beer bongs during this set.)

PERMANENT BONER (this is a joke band that has yet to practice. Will they pull it together???)

DJ MARIKA (everyone loves Marika.)

SPECIAL GUESTS (who are they?!)

Venue Information:
7 South Broadway

Denver, CO, 80209