Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures

Ages 21+
First Friday Guilty Pleasures Dance Party at Hi-Dive!

The name says it all. We reserve the right to spin anything and everything that makes us/you blush...and play all the 90's dance music your weird niece (who is actually older than you) still listens to.



"Hi, can I just say, I never want to hear this song again, until the next Guilty pleasures."


", they don't make'm likes they yushed to."

-some guy on South Broadway

"OMG, this is like totally my favorite night of the month."

-cute girl who seems nervous talking to you, because either she likes you or is underage.

"I rolled my ankle last time I went, so I'm definitely going again"

-owner of Double Dutch hair salon

"No thanks"

-guy who is too cool for good music and for the third time is breaking up with you via text message

"I haven't heard this track before, but I want to hear it over and over and over and over and over and over."

-The cute girl with a runny nose

"This music makes my neck sweat"

-Guy in the blue turtleneck

"I loooove thisssssh nighth, I wishh more peophple played songs like thish"

-Hottest, but drunkest girl in Denver that all the dudes stay away from

"I was the first to listen to and spin this music"

-Guy pretending to be Sid Pink

"Someone just told me you guys are from the future and I just wanted to know if you've met your "now" self, because this is so in right "now".

-Guy who impresses everyone with his clever banter.

"Hi, I'm Roilen. I think I would like to hear that song "Toxic" by Miss Spears"

-Guy who always asks that

Venue Information:
7 South Broadway

Denver, CO, 80209