The hi-dive, which opened in 2003, has become a Denver institution. Many current top-shelf local bands got their start at this intimate South Broadway bar, which sits smack-dab in the middle of the historic Baker neighborhood. Numerous touring bands have gone on to receive wide audiences along with national and international acclaim after gracing hi-dive’s modest stage. And even though a great deal of those groups can now easily fill places far larger, they still make it down to the hi-dive to perform regularly. Perhaps it’s because the sound is fantastic and because the club promotes local shows with the same vigor and enthusiasm as they would a national one.

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If there is an award for “Best Rock Club,” “Best Independent Music Venue,” “Best Venue Other Than Red Rocks,” “Best Venue Owned By Musicians,” etc. in Denver then the hi-dive has more than likely won it.



The hi-dive stage is approximately 16 feet wide by 16 feet deep and is elevated 3 feet from the ground.

We have no in-house projector, but we do have a retractable 7′ × 9′ screen.


8k watts program

Mains: 1 per side, stereo configuration

Production Services 3 way speaker cabinet,

each cabinet 2×15″, 1×10″, 1×2″, loaded with DAS components

Subs: mono configuration

6×18″, loaded with McCauley or B&C components

processors DBX Driverack PA


4 mixes from FOH

4 x Yamaha SM15V 2 way boxes (1×15, 1×1)

1 x drum monitor: B52 (2×15, 1×1)

Front of House (FOH):

Console: Soundcraft Impact 32 digital console

19 XLR channels from the stage to FOH

30 mono channels on console

4 monitor mixes to stage

4 built in Effects, gates and compressors on each channel

up to 16 outputs


2 x Shure SM58

4 x Shure Beta58A

2 x Shure Beta57A

3 x Shure SM57

1 x Shure Beta52

1 x Shure Beta56

2 x Audix D2 with drum clips

1 x Audix D4 with drum clip

1 x Audio Technica Pro25

4 x DI Whirlwind Director