Old Dusty Death

Old Dusty Death

Galaxy Express, the Burning Girls

Thu, March 28, 2013

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:30 pm


This event is 21 and over

Old Dusty Death
Old Dusty Death
Old Dusty Death is the biggest band you haven't known about for the last five years. Catch them at their next show to experience what the Denver music scene has deprived from you--guys who know how to seriously rock, reaffirming your belief in the necessity to turn it up to eleven without the gimmicks. Just pure 100% rock yield. Many bands have touched the surface only to eventually succumb to their dirty habits of formulaic, bland, song-age. Imagine if Doc Brown's amplifier hadn't exploded and Marty McFly was able to continue to rock; this is only a fuzzy approximation of the capabilities of Old Dusty Death.

Hyperbole aside...known as The Fastwalkers throughout 2008, the newly anointed Old Dusty Death has returned to take Denver back for rock n' roll. ODD's sound is the result of their three members' love for music.

Drummer, Mike Colacino's love and roots for hardcore punk bands like Black Flag and the Minuteman is emphasized by his tattoos that only the friend of a tattoo artist would have. Colacino brings an energy and enthusiasm to live performance that he can only express shirtless and tempts the fans to do the same. He is the force in the band that makes ODD take an avant-garde approach to song writing that can be most heard in their chaotic, hardcore number "Givin' it Back," a song a bout the recent Occupy movement.

Bassist, Jared Barnes brings his brand of song from the classy town of Renton, WA. His influences range across the spectrum from the sound of Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, and Local H to the words of George Carlin and Bil Hicks. Barnes might contribute to the band most through his critical eye on the juxtapositional extremes in the human condition.

Guitarist and vocalist, John Lo, contributes the best way he knows how, ripping the guitar and screaming his lungs out. Lo's brings the rhythmic guitar energy of Motorhead and the Ramones, and a lead guitar energy that can be described through one of their fan's questions to ODD: "What steps have you taken to prevent any of John Lo's guitar solos from traveling back in time and killing his grandfather, thereby creating a paradox where ODD never existed?"

Old Dusty Death is what you get when you cook the above ingredients. Find Old Dusty Death live to taste what you have been missing out on.
Galaxy Express
Galaxy Express
A high octane, runaway bullet train, Korea's Galaxy Express is a scintillating tour de force trio that wildly whiplashes audiences with a centrifugal forging of raw, sweaty, psychedelic rock n roll.

Nominated for Best Rock Album, Best Rock Song, and Musician of the Year at the 2011 Korean Music Awards. Selected #22 on Top 100 Korean Albums of the Decade (100beat.com). Headliners at 2010 Intel & Vice Magazine 'The Creators Project' Korea Showcase, 2010 Jisan Valley Rock Festival, and 2010 Pentaport Rock Festival.
the Burning Girls
the Burning Girls
The Burning Girls is a drums/guitar duo playing heavy blues-inspired rock that decelerates into the spacey, intricate and pretty.
Danny White's got a falsetto that offsets his bass amp guitar tone.
Patrick Hickey knows what drums to hit in order help the songs move and breath.
We hope to show you onstage.
Venue Information:
7 S. Broadway
Denver, CO, 80209