Bonnie and the Beard's "Masquerade Carnival"

Illegal Pete's Presents

Bonnie and the Beard's "Masquerade Carnival"

the Raven and the Writing Desk, Champagne Charlie

Thu, February 14, 2013

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:30 pm

$10.00 - $15.00

Off Sale

This event is 21 and over

Bonnie and the Beard
Bonnie and the Beard
"Bonnie and the Beard has a wayward traveler-feel about its sound — if Vaudville Americana were a genre, the local trio would be at the top of it."
(Bree Davis, Westword Backbeat)

Bonnie and the Beard is a vivacious group– often quite salacious, lost deeply in dream and delirium. They spin tales of outlaws, redemption and longing through their own brand of boot-stomping southern-blues/gypsy-rock.

"They deliver their songs with such a charming playful seriousness it's hard not to get sucked into the fun."
(Peter Washington, Concerted Effort)

They began playing together after spending a hazy summer writing as the old, dusty cowboys they admired. Wandering through canyons and sharing fireside meals with their wolf dog, their stories of reckless rebels began to pour into rousing and passionate songs. They're almost a wheelin' dealin' circus band. Their raw energy and husky voices conjure up images of open desert road, nights under the stars and rusty Cadillacs.

"Bonnie and the Beard possess a sound that is both sweet and sultry yet still raw and rawkus. Combining a bit of delta blues with indie-rock sensibilities, Bonnie and Beard sing about the struggle of human existence with the pipes to knock the dust off the highest rafters of any smoky bar."
(Illegal Pete's / Suburban Home Records)
the Raven and the Writing Desk
the Raven and the Writing Desk
"It sounds like Danny Elfman got together with Nick Cave to make gypsy carnival music for a sequel to The Nightmare Before Christmas" - Murphy

Back in the coffee-stained pages of times past, amidst an era of colorless life, miniature musicians lived and breathed inside a box. it was a music box - a box full of mystery provoking passion and radiant creativity - and the sounds!! -- oh the sounds ... such original sounds sprang from the hinges of the box. sweet melon melodies and rattling anthems of frenzy and hope splashed kaleidoscopic color all over the straight-laced square-pants running down their big wide empty avenues, lined with un-curiously matched box houses. the sound travelled wide and colored fast, splattering the neatly tucked-in features and the neatly painted houses filled with those perfectly pruned people, doing their perfect flawless no-things. for a brief moment, the world was illuminated - and it scared those drab people. it scared them so much, that they gathered in the perfect little townsquare with their perfect little pitchforks and they found that pristine box, the one that sprayed those "awful colors" of emotion of theatricality, the one that housed those miniature musicians, with their miniature feelings and their miniature songs, and they buried that box, so it could no longer spray all those dirty messy colors all over their perfectly dreary world. they buried it deep in the ground - so deep that the miniature musicians could no longer see the beautiful colors of their beautiful songs. so deep that the miniature musicians were silenced by the darkness and their colors gave way to drab flawless nothing-ness. there was a quiet sadness in the world for a time. it was an unfortunate occurrence.

...and then a shovel! in a garden!! almost 80 years of combined experience had elapsed!!! immediately, shots of color smoked out the hinges of the box until it exploded ... all over the young shovel-toting unexpector. "finally, there is color here!" she exclaimed, in a sunny garden by a denver carriage house. she picked up the miniature musicians, and she picked up the miniature music box, and she asked them in for tea and some toast...
they are now known as The Raven and the Writing Desk

--- and they love toast.
Champagne Charlie
Champagne Charlie
"...Champagne Charlie has taken root in the naugahyde covered barstools of Denver's seediest bars. They are a band that grew both musically and lyrically despite, or maybe due to, dimly lit rooms, and the smell of stale beer combined with sour bar towels. Manifestation artistique, originally a four member band, their numbers have grown to seven or more depending on the night. Like Chicago Cabaret, Champagne Charlie fully embraces a larger band ensemble, believing "the more the better." Playing a dozen different instruments, the band combines elements of Jazz, Blues, Waltz, and Americana to create their own style of Dark Denver Cabaret music. With several members being multi-instrumentalists, rhythm and melodies intermingle as one instrument is set down and another is picked up. While the band plays a drinking man's music, Ryan "Peepers" King sings with the gravelly delight of a parched throat encased in a sailor's bones about love, loss, damnation, and a lack of forgiveness."-ListenUpDenver
Venue Information:
7 S. Broadway
Denver, CO, 80209