Death And The Lovers

Death And The Lovers

Covergeist, This Apparatus, Fear the Calm

Wed, January 30, 2013

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm


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This event is 18 and over

Death And The Lovers
Death And The Lovers
Review of our full length in westword
Each member of the band has their own story, but the story of the band itself is short and simple. Three different kinds of people that hail from four different parts of the country and four different backgrounds allow Datl to have a separate sound and diverse influences. It would be wrong to say one particular band, or even one particular genre helps them make their music, because their music itself cannot be classified by one particular genre. The same way a character actor doesn't always want to be cast in the same role, Datl does not want to be labeled as indie, hardcore, alternative, glam rock or metal.
Covergeist is an artist living in the Mile High City. His NEW album "ONE MORE NIGHT" is scheduled for release 12.21.12... the longest night of the year and maybe the end of the world...
just kidding.

Covergeist is just a band that rocks.

Justin is the singer and guitar player. He is from Colorado and has quite an interesting story. He was the intern on Taylor Swift's first album, was a childhood big-shot starring in things like a Power Rangers underwear commercial, Justin lived in Brazil, worked in studios all over Nashville, and eventually got fired from one studio for playing Billy Gibbons (ZZTop) guitar. Justin is one of the most recognizable songwriters and personalities in Nashville. Some love him, some hate him, but everyone has a story about the lead singer of Covergeist. Justin is also a political activist, poet, painter, potter, pot head and spiritual guru. He is very friendly passionate and personable, yet easily annoyed and explosively spontaneous, regularly destroying the set at shows. One can recall the tale of when after becoming frustrated with the sound, he not only broke his instrument, but proceeded to topple the piano of the following act. Nonetheless, he has made lots of friends and enemies in acting this way, all in the name of Rock and Roll.

There is an ever-rotating cast of bass players. In the 4 years Covergeist has been a band they have had over 10 bass players. Big ones, small ones, fat ones, dorky ones, good ones, bad ones. The most likely cause for the circus sideshow of characters playing for Covergeist is that most people simply can't handle David's height or Justin's pre-madonna attitude and extreme work-aholic behavior.

Not only is David the drummer of Covergeist, but many people believe he is the next great drummer in Rock N Roll. His skill is like a love child of Keith Moon and John Bonham getting eaten alive by Amazonian Piranhas. And all that nasty sound comes from his custom sparkling pink drum set with gigantic toms and celestial cymbals. David is full of energy and he regularly jumps up on his drum thrown screaming and knocks over his kit, all the while never missing a beat and always on tempo. He is tall. So tall the American Government has classified him as the last of the Giant Race. In fact, David is so tall that he could've been a NBA basketball player but he realized his true love was knitting, but after a freak sewing accident in the mountains of Tibet, he took up the drums and the rest is history. Don't let his ravishing good looks deceive you ladies, he is a monster behind the drums whose only comparison could be Animal from Sesame Street... and no he will not play Wipeout for $20... but he WILL play Moby Dick for a blow job and a Irish Car Bomb. One of his greatest feats was during a show in Nashville when a Batchelorette party came to a Covergeist show and actually ripped his underwear off and he finished the set naked. Other than that he is a wholesome family man.

believe it or not... everything above is true.
and if you don't believe it... then fuck you.

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Infectious feel good rock music by people who are slightly insane.
Your parents won't let you listen to them.
A musical kick in the face.
An eargasm.
A band possessed by demons.
This Apparatus
This Apparatus
We sound like a mixture of the following: Babies screaming, dolphins mating, a pegasus fighting a minotaur, stephen hawking laughing, a really super-secret underground rap battle, spontaneous combustion, an engine with a knock, two peg-legged pirates dancing a jig, a group of people with whooping cough, ella fitzgerald and jimi hendrix playing sweet home alabama as a duet, the jackson five in their current state
Sounds Like: A Wilhelm Scream, Strung Out, Propaghandi, Just Like Vinyl, Bear vs. Shark
Fear the Calm
Fear the Calm
Jody Bell Guitar/Vox
Louie Drums/percrushin
Ray Hammer Bass/Vox
Fear The Calm is a punk/grindcore band from Denver.
Since its inception in 2010, Fear The Calm has spent way more time playing music than writing biographies. Less talk more rock right?
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7 S. Broadway
Denver, CO, 80209